Industry 4.0 Technology Exhibition, activity organized within the framework of the #Burgosi40 Technological Meeting

Forum Evolución Burgos. Floor 3. Expo Zone. 16th November 2021


9:15h. Institutional welcome. Inauguration of the Expo

Mr. Vicente Marañón. Vice Mayor of Burgos City Council

Mr. D. Mario Pampliega. President of DIHBU

Industry 4.0 Technology Exhibition

9:30h. 13:45 h. 16.30 h. 19:30 h. Demonstrator spaces. EXPO for professional public. Free entry, prior accreditation.

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Exhibitors / Technological Demonstrators Catalogue

TequipoBurgosIoT, AI, ICT SystemsDemonstrator of intelligent control system of automatic cabinets and warehouse racks in industrial environments
KeylandBurgosRobotics, Virtual RealityVirtual Reality demonstrator as remote support for robot operations (AGV and Cobot), integrating planning optimization
DGH Technological SolutionsBurgosIoT, ICT Systems, sensorsPicking demonstrator guided through wearables
UII – aGrae SolutionsBurgosIoT, AI, Big Data, sensorsDemonstrator Predictive system based on IoT network – LoRaWan for the wine industry
M2SensorsValladolidIIoT, AI, ICT systems, sensorsDemonstrator Air quality monitoring through sensor networks, using GPRS-4G and LoRa, with Mesh topology
ITCL Technology CentreBurgosRobotics, AI, Virtual Reality, sensorsDemonstrator Control of movements in robotic arm and postural detection
CIDAUT / C4IN-TelefónicaValladolidIIoT, Cybersecurity, AI, Digital TwinARISTEO demonstrator, industrial honeypot with real hardware for intelligence extraction and proactive detection of cyber threats
Ingaut engineeringBurgosRobotics, IIoT, Augmented RealityDemonstrator Augmented Reality modeling electrical cabinets. 3D Visualization and Collaborative Industrial Robotics.
Muthishan GlobalMadridVirtual Reality, Robotics, SensorsRobot hand demonstrator controlled through Virtual Reality
Clever SDSoriaIoT, AI, ICT Systems, Big DataPhotovoltaic 4.0 Demonstrator. IoT device and intelligent system for advanced facility maintenance
CARTIFValladolidSensors, AI, ICT Systems, RoboticsAGROVIS Demonstrator, Intelligent VISual Computing for products / processes in the Agrifood sector
OPTIMUS 3DPais Vasco3D3D Technology Demonstrator for Industrial Parts
GFAITECHBurgosSensors, AIDemonstrator Intelligent noise identification and location system in industry
POLAR DEVELOPMENTSMadridIoT, IIoTIndustrial mobility Droll-E demonstrator: Special electric mobility system for logistics areas
ELECTROINGENIUMAragónDigital TwinCyberPhysical System Demonstrator: Virtual Commissioning
FracttalMadridIoT, ICT Systems,Fracttal X Demonstrator: Device and system for intelligent monitoring of industrial assets
Mytra/Netin SystemsC. ValencianaIIoT, AI, ICT SystemsNetin Demonstrator – Industrial Diagnostic System with Multiple Communication Capability and Massive Data Ingestion
UTWMadridIoT, AIDemonstrator Decision support system based on AI, IoT, using information from drone, satellite and stations
SISTEPLANTPais VascoIIoT, IoT, AI, Big Data, ICT SystemsManufacturing Intelligence Demonstrator with Machine Virtualization
GLOBSPOTMadridIIoTIntelligent vehicle tracking demonstrator for industrial companies
INTENANCEPais VascoIIoT, Sensors, ICT SystemsDemonstrator Real-time diagnostic system of anomalies in machines – remote monitoring of industrial plant
OvertelMurciaIT Systems, IoT, Big DataDemonstrator MES DATPRO System on factory model
Up IntelligenceAsturiasIoT, AI, Digital twin, ICT SystemsDigital Twin Demonstrator for monitoring and optimization of traditional processes in the food industry
SynersightValladolidRoboticsDemonstrator Natural Navigation System for VGA that allows working in different plants autonomously
ABAS IBERICAMadridVirtual Reality, IoT, ICT SystemsAugmented Reality Demonstrator for logistics management using SmartGlasses on Business Intelligence
CALIDAD DEL AIREValladolidIoT, ICT SystemsHaaS System Demonstrator: monitoring and alerts for air quality, light and noise, through sensors
ACCURO TECHNOLOGYMadridICT Systems, IoT, AIPOLDER demonstrator – Detection of objects and people through images applying neural networks
GRUPO PREMOAndalucíaRoboticsCOBOT demonstrator for encapsulation
EMERSIVEBurgosVirtual Reality/Augmented Reality, AI, CybersecurityCYBEMERSIVE
SIMUMAKMadridVirtual Reality/Augmented Reality/Mixed RealitySimulator demonstrator with Mixed Reality visualization system of logistics machinery
Telcaria IdeasMadridRobotics, AI, IIoT, SensorsDemonstrator Application of virtual private networks to industrial robotics for remoteization of fleet managers and operators
SYLTECValladolidVirtual Reality/Augmented Reality, Digital TwinVirtual Reality Demonstrator for maintenance of industrial facilities and operator training
UBUBurgosVirtual RealityImmersive Virtual Reality Demonstrator for the prevention of occupational hazards in interaction with overhead cranes
IDONIALAsturiasRoboticsFlexible Cable-Based Robotics Demonstrator
AIR INSTITUTEValladolidICT Systems, AI, Big DataAIR-Core Demonstrator – Deep Tech Solution
Hispanofil – SoneparBurgosRobotics, Augmented RealityIndustrial Robot Demonstrator and Augmented Reality integration
LOGICMELTGaliciaAI, IoTDemonstrator AI-based system for detection of people in motion
VEOLIABurgos/MadridIoT, sensors, ICT SystemsCLEAR (Cloud Live Emissions for Air) Demonstrator
ASTI MOBILE ROBOTICSBurgosRobotics, IIoTSimulation of an intralogistics mobile robotics solution

Parallel activities to the Expo Industry 4.0 Burgos

16:30h Meeting of Industry 4.0 Startups. Presentation of solutions to industrial challenges

Audio-visual room. Face-to-face and online activity. Prior registration required. Free

17:30h National Meeting of Spanish Digital Innovation Hubs. Added value of DIHs for the deployment of Industry 4.0 in Spain.

Audio-visual room. Face-to-face and online activity. Prior registration required. Free.

Organized by: DIHBU

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