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Veolia, a model in optimized resource management, has developed CLEAR (Cloud Live Emissions for Air), a tool that allows monitoring the quality of outdoor air as well as analysing the emissions of air components in order to better quantify, manage and forecast the emissions of pollutants as well as their route. The objective of CLEAR is to guarantee health, safety and comfort, as well as to promote transparency and communication between companies and the environment in which they operate, while reducing the environmental impact of the activities they carry out.

In Spain, the tool has been implemented in an industry that, due to its location in an industrial complex very close to a housing complex and despite its efforts to control the generation of odours, received complaints from neighbours and the administration. After an audit to identify the main points for improvement, autonomous gas collectors were installed at different points in the factory. Likewise, an autonomous meteorological station was installed to measure the parameters that influence the dispersion of odours, such as the wind, the orography of the land or nearby buildings.

CLEAR analyses all the data provided by these elements in real time and allows, in the event that a neighbour is affected by a bad smell, to know whether or not it comes from the plant and, if so, to apply corrective measures.

The services included in the tool include measurement, data acquisition and processing, atmospheric dispersion simulation, and interactive presentation of data and results.

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CLEAR can respond to the environmental challenges derived from air emissions in any industrial activity, such as those located in Burgos.

CLEAR is an innovative technological project, a 100% replicable solution in any field and scalable to any industrial activity and can be integrated into Veolia’s Hubgrade.

This tool provides innovation in environmental services to guarantee a reliable and efficient air quality for municipalities, inhabitants and communities that may be affected by the emission of odours from industrial activities.

In addition to showing society the will, both of Veolia and of the clients who opt for the implementation of this tool, to adopt sustainable growth.

Applied technology

IoT, sensors, ICT systems

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Juan María Sánchez Cuéllar, Business Development Manager


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