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Calidad de Aire has developed the Health as a Service (HaaS) project, in conjunction with other companies and organizations in the sector.

This project seeks to improve the environmental quality of interior spaces through specific measurements, monitoring and alerts for air, light and noise quality through specialized sensors that use a simple Wi-Fi to connect with the cloud and exchange data with it.

Through the cloud, you can both check the air quality of the environment and receive alerts when any of the measured parameters exceed the threshold values you select.

In addition to this, the project has been expanded so that the information from these sensors is processed by a neural network that calculates the optimal parameters of the air filtration machine, modifying its operation to obtain optimal environmental quality at all times without the need for human intervention.

The exhibition that is presented consists of a demonstrator of an air filtration machine synchronized with several sensors, which continuously measure environmental quality, incorporating HaaS developments.

Vigilar la calidad del aire en interiores mediante sensores infrarrojos - Calidad  de Aire

Examples will be shown on the operation of the system by artificially modifying the parameters measured by the sensor (for example, in the case of carbon dioxide it would be enough to exhale close to it), causing the machine to modify its behaviour to keep all comfort parameters optimized.

Air Quality is a company domiciled in Valladolid that tries to integrate new technologies and the possibilities of the currently ubiquitous internet connection to ventilation and air filtration equipment, seeking to optimize both air quality and light and noise intensity indoors.

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Applied technology

IoT, Sensors, ICT Systems

Entity holder of the technological demonstrator

Calidad de Aire



Rafael Villagrá Herrero


Demonstration space Expo Industria 4.0 Burgos. Expo Zone Floor 3 Forum Evolution: Demonstrator nº 37