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A Digital Twin to simulate and emulate Industrial Systems.

The aim of Virtual Commissioning is to bring forward debugging of control systems by connecting an accurate dynamic model of a machine or system to the actual controllers. The system’s dynamic model can be developed using Virtual Commissioning, and the operational logic of the offline controls can be verified before building the actual system.

The ultimate goal of the emulation is to provide an environment for the automation controls engineer to validate their PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) logic and HMI (Human Machine Interface) design before debugging the system in the real world.

Puesta en marcha virtual (virtual commissioning) de instalación productiva  en fábrica de automóviles. – Aragón Industria 4.0

Therefore, emulation is used much more precisely to test the logical operation of industrial control systems under different system load conditions before commissioning, reducing risk and time. In the virtual commissioning, the controllers code is coupled with the simulation models of the processes, machines and products.

In this case, the demonstrator will consist of a hardware-PLC, HMI and actuators (keypads and / or motor)-, as well as its virtual replica to make comparisons between both solutions, explaining the advantages and savings that the commissioning carries out.

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Applied technology

Cyberphysical systems, Digital Twins

Entity holder of the technological demonstrator




Lucía Royo Pascual , Innovation Manager


Demonstration space Expo Industria 4.0 Burgos. Expo Zone Floor 3 Forum Evolution: Demonstrator nº 38