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Within the framework of the cascade financing of the H2020 program through the S3Food European project, UP INTELLIGENCE has developed an expert system for monitoring any industrial process, validating it for the maturation and smoking process of artisanal sausages.

This is the first real case of validation of Digital Twins technology in the small food industry.

The ultimate objective of the Digital Twin is to increase the cost-benefit of the process, as well as the Food Safety of the production. This addresses the need to automate and monitor production in real time (or quasi) to proactively control and optimize it.

The derived benefits for the agri-food company are, among others:

  1. Reduction of product-related uncertainty at exit, allowing producers to closely match production with demand.
  2. A robust food safety and quality control system.
  3. Increased business competitiveness, by optimizing processing time.
  4. Improvement of energy efficiency and sustainability.

For this, it has implemented a network of IoT sensors and embedded systems to collect data in real time of environmental parameters of the process. Subsequently, these data were correlated with the activity of the water and pH, parameters of the product directly related to its maturation phase and the risk of microbiological contamination. After that, predictive models were developed for estimating water activity and modelling operator knowledge.

Likewise, a traceability management system is included, including functionalities for the registration of warehouse entries, recipe design, and generation of QR codes for unequivocal identification of production batches.

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All this integrates the expert system for optimization, which will also allow simulations of new or improved processes. To visualize the process in real time, an application with an Extended Reality interface is used.

Applied technology

IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Twin, ICT Systems

Entity holder of the technological demonstrator

Up Intelligence



Oscar Cosido Cobos, CEO y Scientific Director


Demonstration space Expo Industria 4.0 Burgos. Expo Zone Floor 3 Forum Evolution: Demonstrator nº 20