#Burgosi40 Expo 2021 Catalogue



The integration between Blade Advanced Planning and Blade Remote will be shown as a tool to help the industry, exposing its functionalities:

  • Support to operators to resolve incidents, avoiding risky tasks, making it possible to have their hands free for complex operations.
  • Verification of processes and technical checks, monitoring and follow-up of installations and assemblies.
  • Remote audit, inspection and evaluation, recording of processes and obtaining evidence avoiding travel.
  • App.
  • Connection with providers, multi-user calls and simultaneous spoken and written translation.

COLLABORATIVE ROBOTICS. AIV and COBOT technology demonstrator integrated into processes.

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In this demonstrator we will be able to see how collaborative robotics improves production processes since it is designed as a tool for operators, so that they stop doing repetitive tasks to contribute more to production through tasks with greater added value. In this way, the reduction of cycle times and an improvement in the production process are achieved. This integrated AIV and Cobot system has enough versatility to provide us with the following functionalities:

  • Integration of production line with material transport system. Automating the process of filling cars and their subsequent transport.
  • Integration with operator to facilitate or end repetitive tasks shortened cycle times.
  • Vision system for parts detection.
  • Production control system.
  • Integration of different brands of collaborative robotics both AIV and Cobot.
  • Integration with peripherals (PLC, SAP, BLADE …)

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Applied technology

Virtual Reality, Robotics, ICT Solutions

Entity holder of the technological demonstrator

KEYLAND Sistemas de Gestión



Jesús Arce, Director of Technology and Products

Jesús Martos, Commercial Director and SAP Solutions


Demonstration space Expo Industria 4.0 Burgos. Expo Zone Floor 3 Forum Evolution: Demonstrator nº 39