Expo Industria 4.0 Burgos 2021 Technology demonstrators Catalogue


The objective of the demonstration is to show in a very simple but realistic way how our robots can automate typical merchandise-to-person and merchandise-to-robot applications within a plant or distribution center.

In the demo you will see an EBOT 350 carrying a shelf that could be loaded with boxes or garments hanging from multiple SKUs. In this way, the mobile robot will carry out, for example, the transport from the warehouse to the picking station and vice versa, avoiding unnecessary walking times for operators, reducing errors and multiplying the picking rate per hour by 3. The EBOT 350 can also perform different applications related to warehouse management, ordering and kit preparation.

In this L-shaped demonstration we can see the great agility provided by the EBOT 350, which is capable of carrying loads of up to 350 kg and reaching a high speed of up to 2.2 m / s (without load).

In addition, you can perform lateral and transverse movements, as well as turn on the fly to change direction (turn-on-the-fly functionality) and move under shelves (tunnelling). Thanks to its excellent maneuverability, even in confined spaces, the number of vehicles per installation can be reduced (-20% compared to differential AGVs) and save space and time.

The EBOT 350 has a totally stable charging interface. It provides total stability and safety in the collection, transport and delivery of the racks thanks to its mechanical design, the centering devices and its precise stop.

This mobile robot is equipped with safety elements that guarantee 360º protection, making it perfect for working in collaborative work environments with operators without the need for physical barriers.

Its QR code navigation technology offers maximum flexibility at a low cost with minimal maintenance requirements. This navigation system, combined with the intelligence of our software, provides the ability to manage operations with multiple origins and destinations.

Applied technology

Robotics, IIoT

Owner Entity

ASTI Mobile Robotics



Virginia Santidrián, Marketing


Demonstration space Expo Industria 4.0 Burgos. Expo Zone Floor 3 Forum Evolution: 34