#Burgosi40 Expo 2021 Catalogue


The demonstrator will exhibit the results of the ARISTEO project: An industrial honeypot with real hardware.

At the end of 2020, the Cidaut Foundation and ElevenPaths, Telefónica Tech’s cybersecurity company, signed an agreement for the joint development of research and use cases in industrial cybersecurity, especially focused on the needs of SMEs in Castilla y León.

Said ecosystem of collaboration in R&D for industrial Cybersecurity around C4IN Cibersecurity Center, which has a SOC for threat management, has materialized in the launch of the ARISTEO project, a pioneering “industrial honeypot” with real hardware for extraction of intelligence and proactive detection of typical threats of the Operation Technology ecosystems in industrial environments.

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The Cidaut Foundation has provided the entire infrastructure of a real small-scale industrial system that is integrated into ARISTEO, with control equipment, OT protocols, PLCs, SCADAs, sensors and actuators; and that facilitates an environment connected to the Internet that detects and entertains attackers while extracting information about them. This environment is connected to proactive threat detection and monitoring tools for identification and classification in dashboards.

Applied technology

IIot, Mobility and Connectivity, Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber-physical systems, Digital Twins

Entity holder of the technological demonstrator

CIDAUT y C4IN-Telefónica Cybersecurity & Cloud Tech



Alvaro García García. ICT-Industry 4.0 Manager

José A. Cascallana. Manager C4IN OT Cybersecurty Center


Demonstration space Expo Industria 4.0 Burgos. Expo Zone Floor 3 Forum Evolution: Demonstrator nº 22