#Burgosi40 Expo 2021 Catalogue


Demonstrator presenting 2 types of equipment with real-time operation:

  1. Mobile solution for air quality monitoring (sensors T, H, PB, NO2, O3, P2.5, P10…). Wireless transmission (GPRS-4G) of data to the control centre and recharging by solar panel. There is another version where we have additionally integrated wind speed and direction sensors and solar radiation, but it will not be exhibited at this event. These devices are already implemented and validated in the city of Valladolid to monitor air quality.
  2. Sensor network for building monitoring. Using Red Lora with Mesh topology and transmission to the control centre. The range of sensors to be presented will be decided later. We have this solution implemented in homes, offices and heritage buildings. It is adaptive and we have solutions where we have already integrated weather stations, current consumption sensors, capacity quantification, etc.

We also present some HW developments, APPs and the M2Sensors Platform for receiving data (from the existing equipment in the demonstrator) in real time.

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M2Sensors was born from research and professional experience in the field of sensors, to energize the sector and offer comprehensive, robust and scalable solutions to all professionals who need to know and reliably control their processes and services.

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Applied technology

IoT, IIoT, Mobility and connectivity, Sensors

Entity holder of the technological demonstrator




Marian Chiriac, General Manager


Demonstration space Expo Industria 4.0 Burgos. Expo Zone Floor 3 Forum Evolution: Demonstrator nº 21