The third edition of the Industrial Track 4.0 Technical Conference, organised within the framework of the Burgos Industry 4.0 2022 Technology Meeting.

October 25-26, 2022

The conference is focused on the dissemination of use cases of Industry 4.0 enabling technologies and innovative solutions for industrial environments, with the participation of knowledge centres, advanced engineering companies and industry.

The conference was held at the “Fórum Evolución” Congress Centre in Burgos, Spain, in parallel to Expo Industry 4.0 2022.

The event has ended, but you can still access the contents

Welcome Session

Video recordings

Mr. Mario Pampliega.  President of DIHBU

Mr. Vicente Marañón.  President of PROMUEVE BURGOS (Burgos City Council)

Mr.. Fernando del Campo González, Industry Manager Director, Junta de Castilla y León (Regional Governement)

Mr. Augusto Cobos Pérez, General Manager of ICE, Junta de Castilla y León (Regional Governement)

Inaugural session

Video recordings and Presentations (Spanish)

Industry 4.0 trends

Javier Sedano, R&D Director ITCL Technology Center

A vision of mobile robotics trends from Burgos

Luis Ignacio Vicente del Olmo, CIO ABB – ASTI MOBILE ROBOTICS

Technical sessions

Video recordings and Presentations (Spanish)

The potential of using open data-sharing platforms for industry: MVG Gaia-X

Sara Madariaga. General Manager. ARSYS LAB

ICOR Project.  Artificial Intelligence applied to the industrial management of corrosion in water cooling circuits

Olga Conejero, PhD. Coordinator. IDONIAL

Digitalisation of the Value Chain with RPA and Artificial Intelligence at Aciturri

Carlos Noriega – Director of Aciturri Tech

Improvement of the properties of metallic materials produced by additive manufacturing using the Hot Isostatic Pressing technique

Jesús Manuel Alegre Calderón, Main Reseacher. UBU

How to approach a successful digitalisation 4.0 process? Maflow Spain use case

Miguel Sierra Sánchez, General Manager. SOINCON

Polígono Circular Pilot Project. Results and next technological challenge: Request for digitisation solutions for circular economy

Carolina Oliván. Polígono Circular project manager. Bárbara Tejadas. Polígono Circular project leader. AEPV Burgos

Boosting SMEs and startups in industrial digitalisation environments: Wolaria

Montse Torices, Entrepreneurship Area Manager. ICE-Wolaria.  Junta de Castilla y León

Best practices in Technological Patronage applied to industrial digitisation

Enrique Rivero. R&D Financing Manager. KAUDAL

Best practices in industry-startups collaboration models

Francisco Javier Cuasante. Entrepreneurial Dynamism Area Manager. Caja de Burgos Fundación.  Polo Positivo

Technology transfer and intangible assets valuation in Industry 4.0: Best practices in commercialisation of innovation

Aida López, Strategy and Innovation Manager. Donia Razazi, Senior Industry Expert.  AYMING

DIGIS3 European Digital Innovation Hub: Value-added services for Industry 4.0

Belén Lanuza, General Manager of DIHBU, member of DIGIS3

Panel Discussion. Optimising costs and support resources in Industry 4.0 projects

Participants: Enrique Rivero. KAUDAL; Francisco Javier Cuasante, CAJA DE BURGOS FUNDACIÓN; Montse Torices, ICE; Belén Lanuza, DIGIS3; Jimena Pérez, FAE BURGOS.

Technical Sessions: Pilots

Video recordings and Presentations (Spanish)

Digitalización de procesos de inyección de plásticos con mezclas variables de materiales reciclados.  Pilotos de aplicación de los proyectos DIGIREC 4.0. y VARIMIT 4.0 en el proceso industrial de ZATEC.

Pablo Tamarit, General Manager CITSALP

Manuel Laspalas, Project Manager.  ITAINNOVA

DT4DRYER. Simulation tool of the drying process in a pellet manufacturing plant. Pilot project at PRODESA

Lucía Royo, Innovation Manager.  Electroingenium

Applying Machine Learning and mathematical algorithms in the transformation process towards a data-driven Company. TB Group use case

Manuel del Barrio,  Fundador, Responsable del área de desarrollo de negocio. DECIDE SOLUCIONES

RTLS: Geolocation of assets and people in an industrial plant. Loire Gestamp use case

Fernando Presa, Business Development Manager. Nexmachina

KER PHARMA use case: The hidden factory

Lluís González, Team Leader Sales. Wonderware

The digicultural transformation, key factor to improving processes.  Eulen Group success story

Guillermo Pérez Morales, Technical Director Grupo EULEN

Application of digital systems for food safety management.  Use case in the meat industry

Gonzalo García Ortego, CEO EASYQ

ZERTIPORK. Digitisation model of the pigmeat lifecycle

Paco Conde, Cofounder.  ZERTIFIER

Cibertraz. Cyber-Physical Systems applied to the maintenance services environment, with consensus agents, for traceability control. Ascensores Zener use case

Rubén de Pedro, CEO Ascensores Zener (Grupo Armoniza). 

InRoad Project (Sacyr). Asphalt condition intelligent analysis

Jorge Zarzuelo, Innovation Manager. Sacyr Conservación

Automation of quality control in Industry 4.0

Sergio Pesquera, CEO. SIALI

Digitisation of supplier order and order reception processes: Decision-making support. Use case in the furniture industry

Fernando Urbano, Project Leader. KAIZEN Institute Western Europe

Mixed Reality as a training tool in Industry 4.0

Germán Delgado, Operations Manager. Intelequia

Industrial 5G use case: Hyper-automation of internal logistics and warehouse management

Juan Luis Tolosa. CEO BE-IN-G

CBEBlock project: Blockchain technology as a support tool for the management of equipment and facilities maintenance

Ruth Escolar. General Manager CBECYL Cluster

Implementation of a customised Automated Warehouse Management and Traceability Control System in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Laura García, Product Design. DGH Technological Solutions

MEJORA 4.0 – Making easy the difficult. Valle San Juan Industrias Lácteas use case

Pablo Pardo. CCO de Exobrain. Mario Peñalba. Operations Manager. VALLE SAN JUAN Industrias Lácteas

Digital twins with advanced visualisation. Success story in a recycling plant

Julio Alonso Martínez. Project Manager. Ingeniería TEICON

AI & Artificial Vision based solution for industrial inspection developed by INOVAKO. Use case

Emin Eksi, Managing Director INOVAKO

Millimetric digitised management. Norteña use case: Real-time monitoring system of cost-related parameters for decision making

Jorge Bermejo, CEO. NORTEÑA

TEQUIPO Ecosystem. The smart supply chain. Use cases

Josema Fuentes, CEO.  TEQUIPO

Technical Sessions: Industry 4.0 Talent Management

Video recordings and Presentations (Spanish)

The future of industrial robotics training. New educational robotics tools


Intelligent and Sustainable Maintenance 4.0 Project.  Innovation from VET

Manuel Luque, Project Leader. CIFP SIMON DE COLONIA

Talent management in the new digital economy

Carolina González. National IT Leader.  Clair Joster. EUROFIRMS GROUP

Discussion Pannel: IT Talent management and entrepreneurship

Participants: José María Vela, ITCL CENTRO TECNOLÓGICO; Carolina González, EUROFIRMS, Julio Moreno, COGITIBU, Francisco Javier Cuasante, CAJA DE BURGOS FUNDACIÓN

Closing speech

Emiliana Molero.  General Secretary of FAE Burgos

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