A German university aims to build a fertilized chicken embryo membrane (CAM) test system for the biomedicine market: the opto-biomechatronic system, OvoMate, will combine the optical analysis of tumour growth, the application of test drugs and sampling of growing tumours in CAM in a complete robotic manipulation of eggs and the incubator environment. 

Therefore, they are looking for an SME with experience in software / electrical engineering to start cooperation through a research cooperation agreement.

The conventional CAM model, is limited throughput in diagnostics, as eggs are still manually handled, and all bioanalytics are taking eggs in-and-out from their incubator environment, thus impeding breeding continuity. 

The engineering partners of the university have therefore envisioned a fully robotized automated opto-biomechatronics platform to handle eggs in a high-throughput fashion and standardized environmental control chamber to monitor and control temperature, oxygen supply and humidity.

They expect the partner to team up with the German university partner to write a joint R&D proposal for funding for developing the OvoMate system. 

Within a funded project, the partner will be able to receive funding for staff/resources on his side. 

They expect the final system to be introduced to the market either by the partner, a yet to create university spin-off or approaching investors/distributors for commercialization.

It must be an industry partner, preferably a small-medium enterprise (SME).

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