The first edition of Industrial Track 4.0 Burgos on Industry 4.0, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain, attracts interest of more than 200 participants.

The event, organized by the Digital Innovation Hub Industry 4.0 (DIHBU), with the support of the Burgos City Council, was held in an innovative hybrid format from the Evolution Forum Space and brought together a large number of companies interested in the industrial applications of the Industry 4.0 key technologies. Speakers, companies and other participants shared their experiences and good practices to help others understand how they can generate value.

The mayor of Burgos, Mr. Daniel de la Rosa, connected from his office to kick off the journey.

The Industrial Track 4.0 meeting issued from Burgos has brought together a large representation of experts in these technologies, developer companies, industries and SMEs, showing the enormous innovative capacity and technical solvency of the industrial fabric and local knowledge centers, with great success of participation in an online mode and hybrid format, as an adaptation to current health circumstances.

The event has been a commitment of the DIHBU, with the support of the Burgos City Council, to vindicate at this time the prominence of companies in the adoption of key technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain in Digitization processes, a generation opportunity of new development and employment niches. At the same time, to position the Burgos industry in a proactive way in the involvement and adaptation of these technologies within a national and international reference framework.

The meeting was opened by the Mayor of Burgos, Mr. Daniel de la Rosa, the General Director of Industry of the Junta de Castilla y León (Regional Government), Mr. Alberto Burgos, the President of DIHBU, Mr. Mario Gonvarri, and the President of FAE Burgos, Mr. Miguel Angel Benavente. 

Opening of Industrial Track 4.0. From left to right: Mr. Mario Pampliega, President of DIHBU, Mr. Miguel Angel Benavente, President of FAE Burgos, and Mr. Javier Sedano, R&D Head of ITCL, Scientific coordinator of the event.


The General Director of Industry of the Castilla y León Government, Mr. Alberto Burgos, connecting remotely to participate in the opening of Industrial Track 4.0.

In the two days of morning and afternoon, it was possible to hear presentations from the highest level of international experts in Artificial Intelligence such as Dr. Francisco Herrero (UGR), or in Blockchain, such as Dr. Carmen Pastor (UA). Companies such as Gonvarri, Asti, Keyland, Izertis, Syltec, or Tecopy (AEICE Cluster) also showed their innovation projects in this field, showing the quality of their industrial developments, an example of excellence.

Artificial Intelligence experts Dr. Francisco Herrero, from Granada University (right), and J. Pf. Ramón Villar, from Oviedo University (below) connected remotely to participate in the live debate with Dr. Javier sedano.

Felipe Vega, from Gonvarri (top right), David Caubilla, from Keyland (bottom left), and Enrique Sierra, from ASTI Mobile Robotics (Mixed ASTI-UBU Unit) (bottom right), connecting remotely to the live debate on industrial applications of the artificial intelligence, representing the Industry of Burgos.

The small pitches of SMEs and invited organizations, such as Burgos University or ITCL Technology Center, could also be enjoyed to present their use cases, ideas or projects related to these technologies, as well as key initiatives, such as support for entrepreneurs from Caja de Burgos Foundation, which offered to support participating local startups.

Mr. Oscar Ruiz, from Emersive (above) and Mr. Diego Martínez, from ITCL Technology Center (below), entered the debate live after their pitch of applications in artificial intelligence.

The blockchain expert Dr. Carmen Pastor, from Alicante University (center) connected live from Alicante to join the business debate. Ms. Isabela Sancho, from TECOPY GROUP (AEICE Cluster) (top right), Ms. Rocío Viruega, from SYLTEC (bottom left) and Mr. Daniel Garcia, from AVEBIOM Biomass Spanish Association (bottom right) were able to share future challenges in the afternoon session.

The debates were moderated by Dr. Javier Sedano, one of the most prestigious researchers in Artificial Intelligence in Castilla y León Region.

Ms. Belén Lanuza, General Manager of DIHBU and Dr. Javier Sedano, Director of R&D at ITCL Technology Center at a time when the discussions of Industrial Track 4.0 were moderated.

In parallel, an online matchmaking activity or interactive showcase of opportunities took place, where companies and centers could show their capacities, technologies, or project ideas and receive expressions of interest. A total of 38 profiles participated in this showcase, generating 26 initial negotiations.

The event ended with the awards ceremony for the best ideas presented in Industrial Track 4.0.

Ms. Emiliana Molero, General Secretary of FAE Burgos announcing the winners of the Best Ideas Industrial Track 4.0.

Ms. Emiliana Molero, General Secretary of FAE Burgos, Business Association, announced the winners of a total of seven applications received, being awarded the projects “District Heating 5.0” by AVEBIOM and “Cibersecurity VR” by the startup EMERSIVE.

Belén Lanuza, Managing Director of DIHBU congratulating Daniel García, in remote connection from AVEBIOM, winner of the IT40Burgos Award in the Blockchain modality.