Stakeholder of DIHBU

Advanced Factories is the leading event in industrial automation, robotics and artificial intelligence in Southern Europe. It brings together the latest innovations in industrial automation, robotics, industrial plant management software, industrial cloud, digital twin, machine learning, cybersecurity, big data, IoT, artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence, VR/AR and all the technologies emerging from Industry 4.0 that are driving the improvement of industrial competitiveness, new business models, and new production processes.

DIHBU becomes part of the Supporting Partner program of Advanced Factories 2023, with the benefits that this entails for the organization and its partners, such as the possibility of providing speakers at the Industry 4.0 congress, invitations and discount code, or propose content related to Industry 4.0 to be published in the event’s blog. The agreement with the organizing entity was signed at the end of July 2022.

Advanced Factories is held in Barcelona and includes the Industry 4.0 Congress, a place to discover the latest emerging technologies and the most innovative automation and manufacturing systems, as well as a point of technology and knowledge transfer where the most relevant success cases of the current panorama can be shared.

The DIHBU collaborates with Advanced Factories to respond to the growing automation and robotics industry. The Advanced Factories organization thus becomes a new annual DIHBU Stakeholder.

Contact persons involved in this agreement:

  • ADVANCED FACTORIES: Clara Fayos, Marketing Executive
  • DIHBU: Belén Lanuza, Managing Director