A Singapore games development SME seeks technologies related to chatbots, marketing, machine learning and statistics, data analysis for an artificial intelligence (AI)-assisted predictive marketing and community management system.
The proposed solution will empower marketers to craft personalised content and messages and maximise customer engagement. European SMEs with the sought technologies/capabilities are welcome to collaborate via a licensing/ research partnership.

Expertise is sought for many components in the marketing and community management system, which includes the following technologies:

• Chatbots: Effective methods to store and protect customer data and intents, tools for marketers to better craft customer engagement messages and to automate a marketer’s job
• Marketing: Marketing models such as reward system design, pervasive marketing, pricing and promotion, and marketing content modeling
• Machine learning and statistics: Learning models in the area of content classification, automatic customer segmentation and optimisation of marketing communications spread
• Data analysis: Models for demand prediction and forecasting, product price elasticity, prediction of time of purchase and market baskets

The Singapore company is keen to partner European SMEs of any sizes with the above technologies or capabilities via the following types of partnerships:

i) Licensing – The Singapore company will license the technology from the partner to further develop it into new products and services to serve their customers’ needs.

ii) Research Cooperation – Both the Singapore company and the partner will co-innovate to jointly develop new products and services that can address the needs of the Singapore company.

Deadline for expressions of interest in this profile: 20 July 2020

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