The EAGLE project offers specialized training in advanced Industry 4.0 technologies for SMEs managers and workers. It has just designed and launched its first beta courses at the European level, so we are providing our ecosystem with the opportunity to pre-register for free access to this high-level training.

This European project, coordinated by the University of Burgos, and in which DIHBU and FAE Burgos participate, has developed a series of specialized and high-quality courses, aimed at supporting the development of advanced digital skills in the workforce, with a focus particularly in SMEs.

Start: June 2024.
Format: Mixed and Online, Duration: 8-30 hours

Pilot Courses Topics:

  • Increase your productivity and work efficiency by using (LLM) like ChatGPT and Gemini
  • Introduction to Big Data and Business Intelligence
  • IoT and Intelligent Systems in Industry 4.0
  • Enterprise Machine Learning based on R
  • Application of optimization techniques in products, processes and business resources
  • Learn how to tune a PID controller
  • Industrial robotics

We will soon provide more details about the launch of the official calendar of the project’s courses.


The EAGLE Project is an initiative funded by the EU Digital Europe Programme, whose objective is to strengthen the digitalization of European companies through specialized training, among other subjects, in:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Data Analysis (Big Data)
  • Industrial Robotics and Emerging Technologies
  • Smart Energy
  • Blockchain

More information

The EAGLE project, co-financed by the DIGITAL program of the European Union under grant agreement no. 101100660, began in early 2023, has a total budget of 2.3 million euros, a duration of 36 months.