This first open call of Trinity DIH project targets application experiments (a.k.a. use case demonstrations) which include ICT technologies including robotics, IoT and cybersecurity to facilitate agile production in European companies.

The call includes two tracks:

  1. End-users driven demonstrations, which aim at validating the demonstration of technologies proposed by the participating DIHs. This track, which has a budget of 1M€, targets end-users with a specific need in the areas of digitalization, advanced robotics, or data and cybersecurity and offers end-users and system integrators a possibility to modernize their processes via new technologies.
  2. Technology providers, which aims at demonstrating novel solutions innovated by companies, in particular, SMEs, in a realistic and industrially relevant environment. This track, which has a budget of 3M€, provides access to the infrastructure and expertise provided by the DIHs to perform the demonstrations.

Proposals must be submitted by consortia of 1 to 3 partners, led by industrial partners (SMEs, or slightly bigger) and can consist of end-users, technology providers and competence centers. All consortia partners must be legal entities established in one of the EU Member States or H2020 Associated countries; they must be members of the TRINITY DIH community (at least 10 days before the deadline of the open call) and must have a PIC number. The cross-regional collaboration will be appreciated and each lead applicant can submit only one proposal.

Deadline for applications’ submission is on 28th of February 2020.

Proposals are expected to be evaluated by 30th April 2020 and funded projects are expected to start by May-June 2020.

15 external demonstrations are expected to be funded in the first open call. These experiments should last from 6 to 9 month and funding per experiment might range from €50K to €300K (the maximum funding rate is 70%). The total grant from TRINITY DIH may not exceed 300 k€ for a single partner during the TRINITY runtime.

TRINITY aims to establish a sustainable ecosystem composed of Research Centers and University Groups specialized in Advanced Robotics and Internet of Things (IoT), supported by a DIH with experts in Robotics Cyber security to contribute to novel robotics solutions that will increase agility in production systems. These include collaborative robots, reconfigurable systems, virtualization, IoT, and data and system security. In total, minimum of 30 external demonstrations will be funded in the two open calls during the TRINITY project duration 2019-2022.

From DIHBU we encourage interested entities to participate in this call, feel free to contact us at