Nuevo León 4.0 (NL4.0) seeks to place the Mexican state of Nuevo León as a reference in the implementation of a new model of manufacturing with advanced technologies, integrating projects, initiatives and problems of the industry.

The Nuevo León 4.0 initiative, a collaborative ecosystem between the Government of the State of Nuevo León (Mexico), Academia and Industry, will develop infrastructure, technical and technological capabilities, and a socio-political environment that will encourage the industrial development.

From the Digital Innovation Hub Industry 4.0 we will collaborate with Nuevo Leon 4.0 to exchange best practices in the implementation of industry 4.0 and generate joint projects between companies from Castilla y Leon – Spain and Nuevo Leon -Mexico.

Nuevo Leon 4.0, which operates from Monterrey, has a governance structure very similar to the Digital Innovation Hub i40, and shares objectives and philosophy.

NL4.0 has a high industrial component: large companies such as Metalsa, Frisa, Agrojaba, Xignux, Caintra, VivaAerobus and Conssis.
At the institutional level, the initiative is directly supported by the Government of Nuevo Leon, and CONACYT. 

At the level of knowledge centers, the Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey, the Universidad Regiomontana, the Universidad de Monterrey, and the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León are integrated.

Both initiatives, DIHBU and NL4.0, have the support of their respective regional governments, and represent a further step in effective international collaboration to generate value-added projects in companies.

This alliance is the second one that DIHBU generates with Mexican entities to promote the implementation of solutions based on i40 enabling technologies, and within its policy of foreign alliances, after signing in 2019 a first collaboration agreement with Mind Innovación y Diseño, in the state of Jalisco.