Kaizen Institute Western Europe offers services that enable organizations to achieve disruptive results.

Working side-by-side with leaders, KAIZEN achieves outstanding strategic results through industry-leading performance in operations, marketing and sales, product development or support functions.

Kaizen Institute promotes in the DIHBU ecosystem the adoption of technological solutions based on Industry 4.0 enabling technologies.

DIHBU and KAIZEN signed a collaboration agreement in July 2023, to support the activities planned for the third edition of the Burgos Industry 4.0 Technology Meeting 20223 and to support other activities of DIHBU.

Results of the collaboration agreement

Participation as a collaborator in the Burgos Industry 4.0 2023 Technological Meeting, through an information point in Expo Industry 4.0 Burgos 

Kaizen Institute also participated as a speaker in the technical sessions within the Industrial Track 4.0 2023 Technical Conference, and in the Matchmaking B2B.