The Digital Innovation Hub Industry 4.0 is preparing, with the collaboration of its partner Keyland SDG and RobotPlus, a industrial collaborative robotics technological demonstration that will take place on the 21st from 9,45 a.m. to 2,00 p.m., on the ground floor of the Science Station and Technology, in Burgos.

The activity will be framed within the support of the European robotics network DIH2 (as a Robot Day), to which the DIHBU belongs, and also in the activities of technological diffusion and demonstration of enabling technologies of Industry 4.0, of the DIGIS3 project.

The session will also present the European project EAGLE, in which DIHBU participates, focused on the design of training courses in advanced digitisation technologies, and specifically in collaborative robotics.


The activity is aimed at industrial SMEs and will be free for attendees, prior registration.

KEYLAND and RobotPlus-Universal Robots, together with BCN Vision, and other partners, will provide their equipment for the technological demonstration, and will make their specialists in industrial robotics available to attendees to learn more about the technology.

The DIHBU technical staff will also be available to attendees for technological advice and analysis of testing and implementation options for this technology in SMEs in Castilla y León Region.

Collaborate Tours 2023” – DIH² Robot Day.

Robot Days provide decision-makers from manufacturing Small and Medium-sized Enterprises the opportunity to find out how to increase productivity through automation.
It is also a forum to share experiences, ideas, best practice, and challenges with peers as well as connecting with experts in the region.

• Find the right robotics solutions for a factory.
• Meet service partners who can provide ongoing support.
• Receive information on funding opportunities.
• Discover the latest updates on production, robotics, and agile production.

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