The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism (MINCOTUR) published the “Support Programme for Digital Innovation Hubs (PADIH)“, to promote innovation and the adoption of disruptive digital technologies in SMEs. PADIH is part of the package of measures under Investment 3 of Component 13 (C13.I3) in the framework of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan.

At the same time, the first PADIH call has been launched for grants in kind in non-competitive concurrence, for the offer of advanced digitisation services for SMEs (beneficiary entities), to be provided by entities belonging to the Spanish EDIHs (collaborating entities).

DIGIS3 is one of the 12 European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIH) approved by the European Commission as a benchmark in digital innovation. DIHBU is member of DIGIS3.

The total maximum amount per beneficiary SME, including the sum of the different services within this call, is 30,000 euros. The services included in the PADIH grants are:

  • (1) Initial advice for the implementation of technologies: Specialised consultancy services, with an estimated average duration of 70 hours and a maximum subsidy per beneficiary of €10,000.
  • (2) Testing and experimentation, proofs of concept and prototypes: Practical application of technical expertise and services in the field of digital transformation. This includes the development of prototypes, proofs of concept and feasibility studies. The maximum grant per beneficiary will be €20,000.
  • (3) Basic training for the implementation and subsequent management of the technology: Group actions, workshops or mentoring sessions on the technology to be implemented. It is estimated that the average duration is of 35 hours of training and a maximum amount of €5,000.
  • (4) Advice on the search for funding for the implementation of the technology: Support for the study of financial needs, search for financing instruments, which may include support in the development of documentation. Maximum amount €5,000.
  • (5) Support for access to innovation networks and ecosystems: Actions to facilitate the exchange of experience, skills and knowledge between regions and to connect SMEs from one region with EDIHs from other regions. Maximum amount €5,000.

DIHBU, as member of DIGIS3 (PADIH collaborating entity), will participate by providing advanced digitisation services to SMEs to promote and facilitate their digital transformation.