AIOTI exists to enhance on behalf of their members business, policy,
research and innovation development in the IoT & Edge Computing and other converging technologies across the Digital Value Chain to support digitization in Europe, and competitiveness of Europe globally.
Over the course of the event was explored these issues through different lenses:
• Data sovereignty and the role of IoT
• Beyond 5G and applications in cross-vertical industry domains
• Their final IoT/IIoT research priorities in Horizon Europe, sustainability and climate change

The new European digital strategy is focusing on four areas:

  • Digital Sovereignty and Competitiveness, looking at, inter alia, how we can store European Data securely, digital identify at device level and European data infrastructure, including the European Cloud Federation (Gaia X), to establish data spaces in strategic sectors;
  • Promoting an Innovative European Platform and Data Economy: establishing an effective governance framework for digital spaces and access to data, the regulation of digital platforms and ensuring interoperability; in this, we must strive for a balance so that we do not inhibit the international growth of our platforms;
  • Human Centric Digital Transformation: promoting rules for AI that uphold European values and stimulate innovation;
  • Strengthening EU Cybersecurity across technological, at device, data and communication levels.

The Policy vision of the Commission as communicated by President Von der Leyen is clear:

  • Green deal: tackling climate change head on; anything we do must have an impact on this
  • Digital Europe: securing our Digital Decade, with at least 20% of the recovery funds allocated to digital

To this end 4 pillars that underpin an effective data strategy are:

  • A governance framework, regulating data access and use
  • Enablers, high impact projects on cloud federation, with commitment from MS and industry; that can demonstrate the layer that guarantees interoperability
  • User empowerment- data literacy and data skills
  • Common data spaces, that are rolled out of to enable the development of AI

There is also a paradigm shift to be considered: The move from cloud to edge means that the action moves to where the data is. The emphasis moves away from the consumer to meeting the needs of businesses. The work with SMEs must also continue.

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