AIOTI has published its vision on IoT and Edge Computing convergence.

The document examines arguments, observations, experiences and reflections from relevant events and documents that underline IoT and edge consumer, business, industrial sector-specific perspectives based on a review of technology trends. It also recognises potential new innovative concepts and possible obstacles to future research and innovation. In summary:

  • Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and edge computing are at the core of digitalisation, with key industrial sectors seeing great potential in these technologies.
  • New IoT and edge capabilities drive the decentralisation of architectures and topologies and accelerate the decarbonisation of applications in industrial sectors.
  • Edge computing has triggered a paradigm shift in cloud computing. There is a clear need to orchestrate resources to create a “computing continuum”.
  • We are seeing calls for a new operating system at the edge for decentralised IoT/IIoT computing architectures and real-time processing.
  • Open industrial IoT edge computing platforms must strive for leadership to address the challenges of the evolving digital age.

Full document could be downloaded here.