The international RELIANCE project, acronym for REsiLIent And scalable sliCing over multiplE domains, has as its main objective the provision and deployment of a new level of services through a more flexible network architecture. The proposed solution, focused on the federation of network segments, will allow the dynamic combination of resources from multiple domains. In other words, the consortium intends to develop the concept of federated network segmentation to compose end-to-end services, spanning different technical and administrative domains.

This project is formed by a consortium of European companies from different countries, including Keyland.

5G opens up new opportunities for solutions in industry and the IoT, which is the reason for Keyland’s participation in this consortium, contributing with its experience in Industry 4.0 and developing use cases under that 5G.
RELIANCE has been co-financed by the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI) and the European Regional Development Fund (Eureka).

More about the RELIANCE use cases