A DIH4CPS Innovation Experiment. This is the first innovation project starded by DIHBU that has been financed by European funds (DIHBU Success Case).

The Consortium members are: ITCL Technological Centre (project leader, Spain), DIHBU (DIH, Spain), and Intigia (SME, Spain). The end-user for testing activities is GONVARRI (Burgos Factory).

The project aims to develop and demonstrate a new type of smart sensor, a neuromorphic anomaly detector based on deep learning algorithms, that is robust against the drift of the concept, capable of warning of errors in advance, and at the same time providing a rapid and real-time response to predictive maintenance applications in high-demand industrial scenarios.

  • Duration: Start: March 1 2021 End: August 31 2022
  • Technologies: IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Sensors, Neuromorphic Tehnology, CPS
  • Role of participants:
    • ITCL Technological Centre as a knowledge centre.
    • Intigia, as a SME specialist in artificial intelligence and embedded systems.
    • Digital Innovation Hub Industry 4.0 (DIHBU), as a DIH that will coordinate the final tests in a real environment in a factory of Burgos City. DIHBU will collaborate with ITCL and Intigia to transfer the results to the market if the technology is validated.
  • Target: To generate a new intelligent hardware product, which can be marketed from Spain.
  • Funding: The project has obtained direct cascade funding in the First Call for Proposals for Application Experiments in the field of Cyber-physical and Embedded systems, from the European DIH4CPS network. The grant obtained for the project is 128,814.65 €.

NeuroCPS4Maintenance Project Team

  • Dr. Javier Sedano. Director of R&D of ITCL Centro Tecnológico javier.sedano@itcl.es
  • Belén Lanuza. General Manager of Digital Innovation Hub Industry 4.0 gerencia@dihbu40.com
  • Daniel Gutiérrez, CEO of Intigia daniel.gutierrez@intigia.com

About the project: News

The provisional results of the #NeuroCPS4Maintenance project are promoted at the #AF2022 Industry 4.0 Congress.

DIHBU obtains European funding for a pilot project on cyber-physical systems and industrial IoT, which will be tested in Burgos

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About the project: DIH4CPS Aplication Experiment microsite

NeuroCPS4Maintenance – Neuromorphic anomaly detector in the edge for predictive maintenance

About the project:


NeuroCPS4Maintance Description (PDF)

NeuroCPS4Maintenance Presentation in Advanced Factories 2022. Industry 4.0 Congress (PDF)


If you want to know more about this project, or to discuss other possible applications of the results, please contact us: info(@)dihbu40.com