The R&D Director of ITCL Technology Centre, PhD Javier Sedano, presented the provisional results of the pilot project on Tuesday 29th at the Industry 4.0 congress of Advanced Factories 2022 in Barcelona.

The project has been funded through the European network DIH4CPS, in which DIHBU and INTIGIA also participate. Its provisional results were presented by PhD Javier Sedano, NEUROCPS4MAINTENANCE project leader at the Industry 4.0 Congress (title: “NeuroCPS4Maintance: Neuromorphic Technology for Predictive Maintenance“), in the Omron Auditorium, within the Round Table: “Electronics: Interconnected Products and Systems and Trusted Data“.

Image: ITCL

The main objective of NeuroCPS4Maintenance Experiment is to develop and demonstrate a neuromorphic anomaly detector in the edge that is robust against concept drift, alerts of failures beforehand and provides a fast and real-time response for predictive maintenance applications in high demanding industrial scenarios .

Industry 4.0 Congress is the largest European Congress on advanced and digital industry. A space where to discover the latest emerging technologies and the most innovative automation and manufacturing systems, a mandatory meeting for any professional, who wants to boost their factory to the maximum level of competitiveness and innovation.