The Digital Innovation Hub Industry 4.0 (DIHBU) now operates from Burgos as a Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) accredited within the framework of the European DIH4AI ecosystem. DIHBU has been included in DIH4AI as one of the digital innovation centres operating in Europe and is specialised in Artificial Intelligence for industry, and already has a standardised service profile in its catalogue.

This inclusion will enable DIHBU to prove its suitability for the provision of cross-border services in this environment, and will bring visibility to the services both offer. It will also allow for rapid synergies with other DIHs and entities in Europe participating in the same ecosystem.

The platform on which DIH4AI operates connects a dynamic European network of regional AI-specialised DIHs and linked testing and experimentation facilities through flexible interoperability bridges based on standardised cross-border services. The participating entities are from Austria, Germany, Hungary, Turkey, France, Czech Republic, Slovakia, the Netherlands, Romania, Serbia, Italy and Spain.

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