A initiative of Telefonica that supports Agrotech innovation projects that need to grow and scale.

This challenge will explore, select and accelerate finalist MVP ideas, prototypes and projects that improve and evolve current systems.

It proposes a window of connection to the talent of the academic ecosystem, university students, vocational training students, research teams, graduate students and/or alumni, Spin-Offs, who have the objective of starting and developing a new Startup from Spain.

The candidatures of teams whose proposal aims to transfer knowledge, technologies and / or research results to the market and society, forming a new startup company will be accepted.

Applications that present solutions, developments and projects that could be relevant to the transformation of the agricultural and livestock world will be considered.

Validable proposals for possible use cases that evolve, improve and/or solve relevant issues such as efficiency, anticipation, security, etc. will also be evaluated.

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