A company from Latvia engaged in paintball game business and supply of equipment to paintball game managers/operators are seeking for technical cooperation agreement to develop joint development of current paintball game management system technology adding extended functionalities. After the development of the technology, the partner should be able to manufacture in small series the elaborated paintball game management equipment, via manufacturing agreement.

Development of new, more advanced product is required to be more competitive in this industry. To create this innovative product, the Latvian SME is seeking for a company capable to design and manufacture in small series necessary electronic modules with embedded software and develop corresponding control application for smartphones/tablets.

Specific technical requirements of the technology that potential partner should be able to implement in the new system:

  • Easy scalable configuration to fit customer needs (including unlimited remote controls)
  • Player identification at remote control
  • Effective no disturbing radio link with a range up to 1000 m between remote controls and base
  • Upgradable firmware and software
  • Universal power supply (changeable standard alkaline or rechargeable batteries)
  • Environmentally protected for open-air use.

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