The RAY-DEEP project, led by the Segovia startup ADA-AI Solutions, in collaboration with DIHBU and the Irish center CeADAR, will show its progress at the Industrial Track 4.0 Technical Conference, organized within the framework of the Burgos Industry 4.0 2023 Technology Meeting.

The main objective of RAY-DEEP, an inter-regional experiment financed with European funds through DIH4AI, has been to create a pilot system for the real-time detection of cosmic rays using deep learning.

The progress of the pilot will be shown through a presentation given by Antonio González, CEO of ADA-AI, leader of the project.

The presentation will take place on the morning of October 24, in the special session dedicated to Use Cases in the framework of the European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIHs) network.

The project is a successful case of cooperation between an SME and two European Digital Innovation Centers members of EDIH Network: DIGIS3, of which DIHBU is a member, and EDIH CeADAR, AI for Ireland. The ITCL Technology Center, a DIHBU partner, participates in the project as an additional collaborator.

This project has received EU funding under grant agreement No DIH4AI. 101017057. Funded by the European Union.

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