This is a DIHBU project, funded by the Ministry of Industry of the Regional Government of Castilla y León, aimed at promoting the competitiveness of SMEs, advancing in their digitization and coordination between their existing capabilities and infrastructures.

Project activities

Support activities for the Burgos Industry 4.0 Technology Meeting.

This meeting is co-organized every year by DIHBU with the Burgos City Council, through the municipal company PROMUEVE BURGOS. The Fomento Industria 4.0 project provides additional support to the activities of this event, which includes an exhibition of Technological Demonstrators for Industry 4.0 and Industrial Technical Conferences Track 4.0.

Support for the Burgos Industry 4.0 Technological Meeting 2022 edition

Support for the Burgos Industry 4.0 Technological Meeting 2023 edition

Situation analysis of the implementation of Industry 4.0, initially limited to Burgos.

Analysis currently under development. The status report is expected to be presented in October 2023.

Project objectives

  • 1) To inform the business community of Castilla y León about the best technological solutions available linked to Industry 4.0, in order to promote sustainable digitization projects in industrial environments, facilitating knowledge of applicable technologies, best practices, and the offer of implementation.
  • 2) To provide visibility to advanced engineering companies, knowledge centers and development SMEs operating in Castilla y León, which provide capabilities and solutions in this field that can be used by the industrial fabric.
  • 3) To position Castilla y León as a focus of industrial excellence and an example of advanced digitalization processes, so that this intangible asset can be visible and valued in the rest of the country.
  • 4) To provide companies, both developers and industrialists, with knowledge about tools and support resources in Castilla y León, for the implementation of Industry 4.0 projects, facilitating their access to lines of financing and support services, and for the correct management of the so-called “Talent 4.0”.


ORDER of 5/12/2022 of the Regional Ministry of Industry, Trade and Employment, granting a direct subsidy to the Digital Innovation Hub Industry 4.0 Association.

  • Duration:  September 2022- November 2023
  • Total budget: 41.965€
  • Grant awarded: 30.000 €, from budget item 08.02.421A03.7801N.2 of the fiscal year 2022 of the General Budget of the Community of Castilla y León.

Project team at DIHBU

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