Success case –  Digital Innovation Hub Industry 4.0.

Technologies: BigData Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing

Type of Services: Technology: Technical Support, Access to Finance. Ecosystem: Community Building 

Type of client: SME, Knowledge Center

Initial Problem / Challenge

The SME SYLTEC, member of DIHBU, needed a partner specialised in Artificial Intelligence for a technical collaboration, through subcontracting, for its own project idea, focused on the generation of smart control systems in covid19 environments and protocols. It also needed technical support to generate a good project proposal based on the initial idea for a specific public funding programme, in a regional environment.

Solution / DIH Services

DIHBU examined the initial idea (Artificial Intelligence aplication, TRL>5, Innovation project, development of new digitisation solutions based on existing technologies) and a first meeting was organised with another member of the Hub: ITCL Technology Centre, which the company already knew, to shape the project.

DIHBU provided technical support to SYLTEC for the preparation of the proposal and the integration of the documents, including a letter of support.

As a result, a collaboration agreement was reached between ITCL and SYLTEC and, with the help of the Hub, the proposal was submitted for regional funding.

Both partners agreed to include in the execution of the project a technical support service from the Hub in testing activities and dissemination of results.

The proposal obtained funding from ICE, a regional government agency, and the project T-SDCOVID (2021-22) has been launched.

T-SDCOVID19 Kick-off Meeting (2021): Team of the project


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