Since last December, Dihbu has joined the portfolio of organizations supporting the European Advanced Manufacturing Support Centre, ADMA. You can see the announcement on the ADMA blog.

This initiative of Belgian origin, and now reinforced by the European Commission, aims to be a benchmark for support for SMEs across Europe, in their transformation into the so-called “Factories of the Future”, addressing the challenges and opportunities of Industry 4.0. This change includes not only the implementation of advanced manufacturing solutions but also takes into account the human component and the need to establish innovations within the social sphere of companies.

DIHBU is the only ADMA accredited entity in Castilla y León, and will carry out a specific diagnosis program for the SMEs of the region. Innovation projects will arise in SMEs from this diagnosis and may be financed afterwards by the European Comission.

SMEs interested in becoming part of the program can contact us at