ADA AI Solutions, Startup DIHBU

The Spanish startup ADA AI, located in Valverde del Majano (Segovia), develops intelligent solutions and offers advanced services to drive the industry sector towards digitalisation. Lead by Mr. Antonio Gonzalez, professor of IE, the startup is supported by Wolaria Accelerator.

ADA AI‘s mission is to improve the use of technology by innovative companies through its ability to develop new intelligent solutions to optimise resources and improve processes.

This startup leads the DIH4AI RAY DEEP sub-project, where DIHBU (EDIH DIGIS3) participates together with CeADAR (EDIH Ireland). May – November, 2023. This sub-project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Open Call 2 of DIH4AI project GA No 101017057.