DIHBU has chosen the technology demonstrators that will have a free space at the next Expo Industry 4.0 2023, which will take place at Fórum Evolución in the framework of the Burgos Industry 4.0 2023 Technology Meeting (#3burgosi40), on October 24 and 25.

DIHBU has selected a total of 43 technology demonstrators from all the applications received.

The technology demonstrators will occupy the corresponding stands at the next Industry 4.0 Expo, #3burgosi40, grouped by title.

The winners will have these spaces at no cost.

Industry 4.0 technology demonstrators winners

Inovako Engineering Euskadi SLUIndustrial Quality Inspection using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Vision
Banner Engineering EMEASNAP SIGNAL®: The new digitization solution to extract hidden data and optimize production and maintenance in industrial machines and factories.
DATASENSING IBÉRICA S.A.U.New developments in sensor technology, industrial safety and machine vision in Industry 4.0
TECLAND INNOVACIÓN, S.L.UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) for Technical Inspections and Precision Farming
EMERSIVE (Grupo GTA)Holograms of Digital Humans with Artificial Intelligence
Virtual Reality for metaverse and training
Optimization of complex industrial control with Artificial Intelligence Models
DGH TECHNOLOGICAL SOLUTIONS S.L.Digitization of machine notebooks and interactive drawings for spare parts
Iberoptics Sistemas Ópticos SLAdvanced code reading and machine vision system with smart cameras
AOTECH (ADVANCED OPTICAL TECHNOLOGIES S.L.)In-line, real-time food production monitoring through NIR analysis technology
Oscillum Biotechnology S.L.Smart label for monitoring of consumer goods
ITCL CENTRO TECNOLÓGICOAutonomous electric navigation vehicle for last mile delivery
Immersive remote control of industrial robotic arm
Universal interoperable automation platform based on hardware-agnostic IEC 61499 standard
UBUDemonstrator DINPER
KEYLANDInteraction of collaborative and mobile robotics with HMI in intralogistics processes
TÉCIMAN INTERNATIONAL S.L.Automation of three-dimensional measuring machine
INGAUT IT & OT, SOLUTIONS, S.L.IoT, Augmented Reality and Robotics for Industry
SIALI TECHArtificial vision applying AI for quality control in industries
TELTRONIC S.APrivate 5G network: driver for Industry 4.0
IOThingHybrid pressure manometer
XITASO Iberia S.L.European Digital Product Passport with carbon footprint traceability: DPP4.0
ALSIS GHE MANAGEMENT CONSULTING SLMonitoring and analysis of fastening and tightening tools in the wind industry
GURPEA SYSTEMS Collaborative industrial robotics
Yoy Simulators (Nobliqua Technologies S.L.)Immersive risk school for industry 4.0
SONEPAR SPAIN S.A.U.Digitalization applied to machine modernization
IMECNOR OFICINA TÉCNICA S.L.Operation control and fatigue failure prediction
Tehkné (METROMECÁNICA, S.L.)Automated non-contact mobile 3D inspection station
UPINTELLIGENCE SLCollaborative robotics and other 5.0 solutions for industrial processes
UNABIZ SPAINVisibility in the Connected Supply Chain
BEING INNOVATION,S.L.5G + Edge Computing for Industrial Transformation
Fundación CartifIIoT for monitoring harmful particle levels in industrial enclosures
Intelequia TechnologiesImmersive Experience through Mixed Reality in Industry 4.0
IFM electronic S.L.Efficient goods flow monitoring system
System for vibration monitoring and diagnosis
Edding International S.L.A revolution in industrial marking
TRACK-NOISEUAV on-board sound tracking system
Embeblue S.L.CableGuard4G: Anti-theft system for street lighting cables
OKSOL Smart: Sensorics and communication integrated in a solar thermal panel
UI1Analysis of quality, production, diseases or defects in agricultural products using VIS-NIR hyperspectral imaging
TEICON e IMMERSIAAvanza Digital Display Twin for Industries

In addition, a special allotment of spaces for software demonstration information points has been approved, due to their level of interest.

Information spaces awarded

SUSTAINABLE INDUSTRYDELOITTEMaximizing energy savings with AI and Cloud
STARTUPS 4.0DAYDE (CLIMBEA)Business Intelligence in Industry

From DIHBU and PROMUEVE BURGOS, as co-organizers of the Technology Meeting, we congratulate all the winners.

The organization will contact each one of the winners to articulate the participation and organize the distribution of spaces.