Exobrain is a company specialized in improving the competitiveness and profitability of our clients, in industrial environments of high competition, uncertainty and complexity. Their objective is to maximize the creation of value from the operations area, by increasing efficiency (increasing productivity, reducing costs, improving quality and the level of service to customers) and promoting innovation.

ZDMP Open Call 1 – Zero-defect Manufacturing Platform

The open call supports three types of sub-projects: 1. Sub-projects for the development of digital manufacturing components and services for the ZDMP platform Sub-projects that develop new components or solutions that can be integrated into the ZDMP platform, or which combine/extend the functionalities of existing ZDMP components. In this type of sub-project the focus is…


Tekhné (Mechatronics Innovation Technologies, S.L.) is a disruptive startup born in Valladolid. Comprehensive solutions and services for the design, development and management of technological products throughout their entire life cycle. They work with smart technologies for a sustainable industry.

Clever Solar Devices

Clever Solar Devices is a 2019-founded Startup Company devoted to the development of technologies for the digital transformation and the optimization of the management of solar photovoltaic plants. This startup recently introduced Clever Dx, the platform for photovoltaic solar power plants which allows remote operation and maintenance via the real time detection of failures in…


Emersive is a startup specialized in the development of applications in virtual reality and augmented reality. They design immersive learning processes and impactful experiences aimed at companies looking to assimilate into Industry 4.0. Their services include areas such as cybersecurity, collective artificial intelligence, VR interconnectivity or training, among others    


Precision Drone is a startup focused on offering engineering solutions and services using drones (aerial, land, aquatic and / or amphibians) by RGB, thermal and multispectral sensoring, among others.  Their services can be aplicated to areas like agriculture, topography, engineering, civil works, cadastre and heritage. Also have formation resources in precision agriculture, LiDAR initiation, photogrammetry…


METRIX measures business processes to improve and increase quality, using software and hardware that enables proactive monitoring and early detection of errors or failures that affect quality of service and productivity.


Digipest S.L offers technological solutions in pest control, farming, and environment Tech solutions.

IoT, Computer vision and predictive models in artificial intelligence are their 3 main features


Táctica TIC helps companies to tackle their digitization processes, by the development of tailored digital tools, starting from the combination of web development, sensors and computer vision


M2Sensors is a startup born from research and professional experience in sensor field for energize the sector and offer an integral, robust and scalable solutions to all the professionals who need to know and control their processes and services. The M2Sensors system has been specially designed for monitoring historical buildings. Through the use of sensor networks,…