GEMSTONE open call – Financial Support for Training (TRAIN)

This open call aims to facilitate the connexion between training providers and SMEs and to support SMEs capacity building and in relation to Green Manufacturing.

Up to 45 projects will obtain support up to 2,000€ for each SME.

The training to be carried out must have a clear link with the challenges of the Green Manufacturing and help the SME develop a new set of skills that will support its resilient and sustainable development. 

GEMSTONE aims to mobilise manufacturing companies, in particular innovative SMEs, on the challenges of “Green Manufacturing” by developing a dedicated joint service offer and operational and financial support tools to encourage and empower manufacturing companies in their environmental and digital transition process

The project aims to define, deepen and apply a common methodology on issues related to Green Manufacturing in 5 identified industrial sectors: Aeronautics/Defense, Energy, Mobility, Agriculture/Agri-food, Materials.

The GEMSTONE financial support must be used as a support to purchase services related to “green skills” understood as technical knowledge and skills that enable professionals to effectively use green technologies and processes and transversal skills, as well as knowledge, values and attitudes needed to live in, develop and support a sustainable and resource-efficient manufacturing industry. 

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Jun 01 2023 - Dec 31 2024


All Day