ICAERUS Open Call 2 for drone innovators

ICAERUS aims to showcase and support the effective, efficient and safe deployment of drones, as well as identify the risks and added values associated with their use.

ICAERUS is looking for European drone manufacturers, start-ups and SMEs exploiting innovative drone services and technologies, AI and IoT companies, research institutes…

The Open Call will award 3 successful third-parties with up to 60,000 € to implement projects aiming to deliver and exploit drone related data sets for assessing technological and non-technical hypotheses.

The following types of applications/solutions (but not limited to) have the potential to be funded:

  • Innovative ideas that leverage drone technology and data sets to address real-world problems and create value for society
  • Drone hardware and software development: developing new hardware and software solutions to increase drone performance
  • Data analysis and processing: developing new algorithms and techniques to process and analyse the data collected by drones
  • Drone-based services: developing new services that use drone technology, such as aerial photography, surveying, and inspection services
  • Drone-based applications: developing new applications for drones, e.g., environmental monitoring, precision agriculture, disaster relief
  • Standards and regulations: developing new standards and regulations for the safe and responsible use of drone technology

Duration of each sub-project: 12 months

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Feb 02 2024 - May 07 2024


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