Sinterpack is a company founded in Burgos in 1965, more than 50 years ago, dedicated to the integration of end-of-line solutions, fitted and robotic palletizing, mainly in the world of high-rotation consumer goods, (FMCG).

Since its inception it has developed an innovative business model that has allowed it to adapt to the needs of the market. In 1998 it was a pioneer in introducing robots in palletizing and today, 20 years later, it is again with collaborative robotics, with the CCPS, Sinterpack Paletized Collaborative Cell, which allows collaboration between humans and robots in a shared workspace without separator fences or protection barriers of any kind, opening up a new field of work, opportunities and concepts for industry and production. 

One of the main value-added elements offered by Sinterpack is the reliability of the solution, by applying more than 50 years of knowledge in the engineering, manufacturing, assembly and commissioning of all its facilities.

This formula has allowed Sinterpack to be positioned as a leader in Spain, and it is currently expanding in the international market, being present in America and Europe. 

Sinterpack is permanently participating and promoting important R&D projects, both in the field of new technologies and in the development of new products and improvement of existing ones.

This research and development work is especially intense in the fields of collaborative robotics, being awarded in 2017 as an innovative company by the Confederación de Asociaciones Empresariales de Burgos (FAE).

Sinterpack – Xolertic Group is member of DIHBU since 2019.