Nuevo León 4.0 (NL4.0) seeks to revolutionize industrial production systems and place the Mexican state of Nuevo León as a benchmark in the implementation of a new manufacturing model with advanced technologies, integrating projects, initiatives and problems of the industry of the region.

The initiative aims to train technicians with skills to master technological resources such as the cloud, robotics, simulations, addictive manufacturing, internet of things, big data, advanced materials, augmented and virtual reality, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity.

Universities and research centers, supported by the state government and the federal government, will develop the Ecosystem 4.0, as well as the skills in technologies that allow Nuevo León to be positioned as a national leader in smart manufacturing with a 4.0 approach.

Within its policy of strategic alliances, DIHBU maintains close contact and collaboration with Nuevo León 4.0, showing support for its activities and action plan. Similarly, within the open innovation philosophy of NL4.0, DIHBU initiatives are supported, and a commitment to mutual active collaboration is signed.

In this year 2020, said collaboration has been officially signed with a specific Collaboration Agreement.

More information about the Nuevo León 4.0 Initiative