Metecno España it is an industrial group that operates in the prefabricated market, and specialized in the production of roofs and facades of industrial and commercial buildings.

Since its origins, in 1988, Metecno España has been developing an innovative business model that has allowed it to adapt the needs of the industrial construction sector, producing metal panels with insulation, profiled sheets and remetry, which are the basic elements of the integrated system that revolutionized the way we build.


One of the main added value elements offered by Grupo Metecno España is the commitment to the incorporation of cutting-edge technologies and participation in all phases of the creation process, from the design to the manufacture of different models of sandwich panel, which ensures the final results.
This formula has allowed Grupo Metecno España to be positioned as one of the most important benchmarks in both the domestic and international markets, having a presence in Europe and Africa.
In its 30 years of existence, Grupo Metecno España has managed to consolidate its revenues, achieving a growth rate of 41% in the last 5 years, which has led to a turnover of more than 41 million euros.