Mecanizados Aranda is a family company located in Aranda de Duero and founded in 1994 to attend the growing demand for precision machining. Composed by a staff of about 60 employees, its customers mostly belong to automotive industry, to which it usually dedicates more than 60% of its total activity.

Since its creation, Mecanizados Aranda has undergone a continuous process of specialization that has allowed it to reach an export volume of more than 50% of its production, aimed to several of the most significant strategic enclaves worldwide within automobile manufacturing.

As a consequence of its continuous commitment to innovation, to the traditional manufacturing processes, Mecanizados Aranda has added additional non directly productive capacities, like 3D scanning and measurement equipment and reverse engineering software, among others.

In 2020, Mecanizados Aranda has incorporated Laser Metal Deposition (LMD) technology, also known as Laser Cladding, that consists of the direct fusion of metallic powder projected onto the surface of a substrate, in order to obtain coatings and/or structures with improved properties regarding to the base material.

The three main areas of industrial application of this technology are:

  • Surface improvement, applying protective coatings against wear and corrosion, and even as a thermal barrier (molds, dies, tools, etc.).
  • Repairing parts due to wear, corrosion, machining failures …
  • Additive manufacturing, processing parts with different surface properties in specific areas, reconstructing and producing multilayer parts.

Also in 2020, Mecanizados Aranda has obtained the EN 9100: 2018 certification, which allows it to work in accordance with the demanding standards of aerospace and defense industry.

MECANIZADOS ARANDA has been a member of dihbu since August 2023.