The Isabel I University (UI1) is a private university born in the digital age of online and semi-presencial nature, with headquarters in Burgos. It teaches official degrees, master’s and his own postgraduate degrees, with full validity in the European Higher Education Area. Its innovative online methodology and business model has made it worthy of various educational and business awards, being the online University that has experienced the greatest growth between 2016 and 2018 at the national level. 

Isabel I University adapts and evolves in an ever-changing digital and disruptive environment, demonstrating a clear commitment not only to innovate and adapt its training offer, but to drive research, development and innovation as a process of sustainable consolidation and improvement of competitiveness and transfer of knowledge to the business world.  

Its laboratories are integrated in its newly opened R&D building, highlighting the Research Center on Applied Cybersecurity and the Laboratories of Nutritional Analytics and Sports Technology. 

The transfer of knowledge and technology to its environment, as the third mission of the university, is one of the main objectives of Isabel I University. That is why it tries to establish collaborative links with companies, with other universities and with R&D entities. 

The research groups of UI1 are: 

  • Humanities and Social Sciences in the Digital and Technological Age.
  • Digital Technologies Applied to Legal and Economic Sciences.
  • Digital Transformation in Health Sciences.
  • Research Cluster on Technologies Applied to Innovation.

UI1 is member of DIHBU since 2019.