The Instituto Tecnológico de Castilla y León (ITCL) is an officially recognized Technological Center, established in 1989, in the form of a private non-profit foundation. It is integrated into the network of technological centers of Castille and Leon.

ITCL has technological excellence in the following Research areas:

Electronics and Artificial Intelligence 

Machine learning, Big Data and Data Science technologies, Blockchain, neural networks or artificial intelligence for the massive management ofof heterogeneous data.    

Simulation and Virtual Reality
Virtual training for defense and risk environments in infrastructure and industry, as well as in health, simulator generation…

Energy Systems and Models

Expert systems  for intelligent energy management based on BigData, generation of saving models for industrial applications, specially in industrial cold.
ITCL is a founding member of DIHBU with the role of knowledge center, and the contact person in the company  is José María Vela, Managing Director, as well as Javier Sedano, head of R&D and member of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the Digital Innovation Hub Industry 4.0.