Fundación Caja de Burgos aims to promote social and economic development in its area of action, the Community of Castile and Leon, and in particular, the province of Burgos.
Fundación Caja de Burgos remains as a strategic line of action, supporting entrepreneurs and SMEs, to boost the economic development of the province of Burgos. This support is manifested in the implementation of programmes aimed at promoting growth and innovative entrepreneurship, as well as the dialogue of companies with the whole society.

In this sense, Fundación Caja de Burgos develops different initiatives aimed at supporting new entrepreneurs and innovative small businesses, with various actions depending on their maturity. Among these actions, stands out the Entrepreneurs program that aims to help transforming a business idea into a business activity, helping to consolidate the newly created companies.

Crecer program was born with the aim of supporting small businesses in Burgos with growth potential to reach a larger scale. The initiative is aimed at proactive small businesses, with staff between 30 and 80 workers and less than 10 million euros of turnover or balance sheet.
These programs are complemented by novel instruments, such as the establishment of a Venture Capital Company, (SCR SCR SMEs), called The InvestmentAssociation, aimed at financing the capital of medium-sized companies in Castilla y León, which it is intended to invest 7.3 million euros in 4 years.
In addition, in 2018  La Locomotora started, one of the most ambitious initiatives of the Foundation, which involves an investment of more than 5 million euros. This project involves the revaluation of a unique building of the industrial heritage of the city that will be equipped with areas to support entrepreneurship such as classrooms, coworking space, workshops, offices, or event rooms, among others.