DIHBU will be in this second meeting of the European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIHs) with other members of DIGIS3, called annually in order to coordinate their work in the european net framework and especially at national level, with the support of PADIH’s program.

In addition, achieved success cases in the provided services by European Digital Innovation Hubs Spanish centers will be shown in the meeting. As a member of DIGIS3, DIHBU will present one of their exit success case, achieved in the provision of servicies to public institutions.

DIGIS3 succesful case will show the service scheme and mantained colaboration between DIHBU and the Center for Professional Formation Simon de Colonia in Burgos, in the Smart and Sustainable Maintenance 4.0 innovation project, introducing the obtained results.

Within the framework of this collaboration, DIHBU has helped the CIFP Simon de Colonia to spread the results of the project in the local industrial ecosystem, showing the prototypes and acquired skills. This innovation project is a national reference for the FP centers task in promoting skills for industrial digitalization. In addition, DIHBU has cooperate with the center to take advantage of additional financing opportunities, and to generate new innovation projects within the framework of advanced manufacturing, which can have a positive impact on the ecosystem.

The meeting, which will be held in Bilbao on January 25, 2024, includes the intervention of representatives of the Ministry of Industry and the EOI, in order to coordinate the execution of the services provided by the EDIHs in Spain under financing from the PADIH program, as well as managers of the European program.