Infrastructure assigned to DIGIS3 – European Digital Innovation Centre, for Industry 4.0 Testing and experimentation services.


Virtual Reality technology demonstrator focused on operations in industrial environments, which includes different virtual training scenarios for different processes, and allows to collect performance records for evaluation purposes.

The elements of the demonstrator can be visited, tried and tested through pilot adaptations.


  • ITCL Centro Tecnológico. DIGIS3 affiliated entity and partner of DIHBU.
  • Demonstrator’s physical address: Edificio ITCL, C/ López Bravo, 70, Burgos.

Demonstrator elements

Side reach forklift trucks simulator

Forklift truck simulator with real controls and faithful scenery, allowing the worker to operate as he would in a real environment.

Biomass boiler maintenance simulator

Allows training and evaluation in maintenance operations of biomass systems. It integrates the Cyberith virtual walker to move around the environment and the HTC Vive virtual reality helmet.

Industrial refrigeration room maintenance simulator

Allows virtual training and evaluation in refrigeration system maintenance operations. Integrates a replica of the physical demonstrator, including compressors and chamber.

Infrastructure inspection simulator with drones

It recreates the conditions under which large infrastructure inspection works are carried out, and trains and evaluates drone piloting in relation to these works: data collection, measurement and analysis of infrastructures.

Applied technologies

  • Virtual reality / Environment simulation / Gamification
  • Advanced electronics

Demonstrator use and testing conditions

  • Visitable: Yes, with previous reservation
  • Cost of visit and test of the technology: Free of charge
  • Cost of use for testing and application pilots: Depending on the type of service demanded and the type of company.

This action is co-financed by European funds from the DIGIS3 project and national funds from the PADIH program provided by the Ministry of Industry, through Next Generation EU.

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