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The demonstrator explains the application of RPA technology in different situations and processes in most companies. It has been provided by ACITURRI Tech for DIHBU, in order to be used for technological demonstration activities linked to DIGIS3

Demonstrator elements

Robotic Processes Automation and Artificial Intelligence applied to an order management process

The management of data in an ERP (in this case SAP, but it can be used with any ERP) to create orders, validating the availability of materials, restrictions and/or blockages that it may have.

The model has the ability to make decisions regarding the status of each material to remove it from the order if necessary. In addition, it is able to download the information both in Excel and PDF format to send via email to suppliers. In this case the robot can manage ERP, Excel, PDF and Outlook.

Robotic Processes Automation and Artificial Intelligence applied to an invoice posting process

In this case the intelligent automation is able to read, understand and extract information from any type of document (invoices, delivery notes, orders, in this case invoices) to register them in the ERP (in this case SAP).

The Artificial Inteligence model is trained so that regardless of the format of the invoice (PDF, Image, etc…) it extracts the necessary data for the process, for example: due date, order, position, unit price. Once the data is extracted, it is validated ensuring for example: that the unit prices of the order are the same as the invoice, that the order/delivery has been received, etc… Finally I attach the document to the ERP so that all the information is in a single point.

Robotic Processes Automation and Artificial Intelligence applied to an ORP data update process (occupational risk prevention)

Data management between different portals is solved in this case. In a first stage, the intelligent automation logs into a health service provider portal (in this case Quiron Prevention) to download the employees’ letters of aptitude.

Once downloaded, an artificial intelligence model interprets them, capturing the information necessary for the process. The intelligent automation then logs into PrevenControl’s Smart OSH portal to upload the data, update the employee’s situation on the portal and report any new developments to the prevention technicians.

Additional information

Applied technologies

  • Robotic Processes Automation (RPA)
  • Artificial Intelligence (IA)

Demonstrator conditions for use and testing

  • Aciturri Aeronáutica – Aciturri Techi Division. DIHBU member company.
  • Physical address of the demonstrator: P.I. Ircio Activities – Avda. México, 40, 09200 – Miranda de Ebro – Burgos
  • Possibility of demo and test session in virtual / online mode: Yes
  • Visitable: Yes, prior reservation, during authorized hours
  • Cost of an in-person or virtual visit: Free Cost of use for equipment testing, prototype development and application pilots: Depending on the type of service demanded and the type of company/entity requesting
  • Funding program: DIGIS3

This action is co-financed by European funds from the DIGIS3 project and national funds from the PADIH programme provided by the Ministry of Industry, through Next Generation EU.

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