Stable infrastructure attached to the European Digital Innovation Centre DIGIS3, for Industry 4.0 Testing and Experimentation services.

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Demonstration of Expert Setpoint Control System and digital twin of the installation.

  • Automatic modification of operating instructions (pressures, sequences, times) in a pilot plant to maximise its energy performance.
  • Incorporation of models that allow the calculation of the real COP of the installation without the need for flow meters, based on the real-time recording of the main variables of the installation.
  • Predictive maintenance: Analysis of compressor performance deviations that anticipate breakdowns or equipment malfunctions.
  • Technological innovations in industrial refrigeration: Vapour titre probes, variators, versatility in condensation ….

Pilot plant operation demonstration of VR/AR/RX technologies.

  • Operator training using Virtual Reality
  • Supervision of installations using Augmented Reality
  • SmartButton (replacement of SCADAS and HMI by Augmented Reality)
  • Remote assistance of installations using Mixed Reality
  • Editor of maintenance manuals in Augmented Reality
  • Generation of synthetic images for data augmentation of Virtual Reality environments for Deep Learning and Computer Vision projects.

Applied technologies

  • Cyber-Physical Systems – Digital Twin
  • Virtual / Augmented / Mixed Reality applied to Industrial Environments
  • Simulation
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Industrial IIoT

Demonstrator conditions for use and testing

  • Location: CENTRO TECNOLÓGICO ITCL, C/López Bravo, 70, Burgos (Spain)
  • Visitable: Yes, by reservation
  • Cost of a visist: Free of charge for SMEs
  • Cost of use for testing: En función del tipo de servicio demandado y del tipo de empresa

This action is co-financed by European funds from the DIGIS3 project and national funds from the PADIH programme provided by the Ministry of Industry, Government of Spain.

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