Digital Innovation Hub Industry 4.0 has received this emergency call by the  Spanish Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism through Ametic as follows: 

“Ametic, our Spanish Electronics and IT Association of Industries, in a call by Spanish Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism is managing the support to scale up production in Spanish companies that manufactures artificial Ventilators. Premo has been appointed to help and co-ordinate technically and industrial efforts. We need three models of miniature electro valves urgently:

  • Parker X-Valve X-1-05-L-F
  • Parker VSO LowPro model 8
  • Parker VSO LowPro model 4

These valves can save lives today! It’s important they must be the exact referenced part number, so manufacturing can be done without changes or modifications. Pictures included below.
If you have stock of those valves, please contact Mar Villarrubia (
Thanks a lot for your help.”

You can see the specifications of the valves in this document.

If you can offer your help for this request please write to us or directly contact Mar Villarrubia, as stated on the document.