ASTI Mobile Robotics is a mobile robotics engineering company dedicated to the study, design, manufacture and maintenance of automated intralogistics solutions. ASTI Mobile Robotics is specialized in internal transport solutions, i.e. the movement of materials and products within companies, using automated guidance vehicles, called AGS (Automated Guided Vehicles). The engineering has the widest range of AGFs on the market and is an expert in industrial processes and connectivity.

ASTI Mobile Robotics is part of the group of companies called ASTITechGroup, all linked to technology and digital transformation. Today, it consists of five axes ranging from talent development in its earliest phase to the development and implementation of mobile robotics. ASTI Mobile Robotics, founded in 1982, is the company’s historic company. This company, which is a leader in Europe in its sector, joined almost since the beginning, a technology distribution subsidiary to complement its activity, called ASTI Technologies Distribution. Also, in the last months of 2017, two new axes were created in the company: ASTI Consulting Services -a company created to help companies in any activity related to improvement and industrial efficiency, with the aim of enhancing their competitiveness and maximizing their results – and ASTI Talent and Technology Foundation – asti’s foundation that was born to embrace the key opportunity of the social change of digital transformation through two key levers: talent and technology. ASTI Tech Group’s international talent, mostly technical profiles, consists of more than 210 people from 9 nationalities.

In 2021, this group was acquired by the multinational corporation ABB.